Recording and producing great music takes a combination of things to get the mojo right. You need top end equipment, great people, the right environment and good vibes all round. The Porch Recording Studio has it all. Located on the outskirts of Hamilton in a serene rural setting, it has all you need to put everything else behind you and focus on the job of creating great music and sounds. We can write, compose, produce, arrange, engineer, record and enhance the vision you have for whatever soundtrack you are putting together.

Welcome to The Porch Recording Studio.



The soundtrack you put behind your business - be it voice over, dialogue, music bed, jingle, sound effects or a combination of some or all these elements will make a huge difference to how you position yourself. Don’t settle for a cheap soundtrack. With the right investment we can help you stand out. We have a wide range of production music at our disposal plus the talent and creativity to give you the edge through great original music and sound.


We have worked in varying capacities on a very wide range of musical recordings. The best way to find out is to play some of our work and, if you are keen to bring your next musical creation to life with us, give a call.




Recording packages are tailored to members needs. A consultation with the producer is required to establish a suitable recording package.

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Professional Recording services 

from $600 a day with a producer

from $400 a day, studio dry hire, with out a producer

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Song Writer Demo 

Designed for songwriters without existing backing bands. This deal gives you the opportunity to experiment with different instruments with the aim of discovering a genre/style appropriate to the artist’s taste. 

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The Porch Recording Studio was built and purposely designed for recording quality audio. Our large air conditioned control room makes for a comfortable and great sounding experience. Different parts of our live room offer alternative reflective wood surfaces and there are mid to high frequency absorption panels designed to control the response of the room. The Porch also offers an isolation booth large enough to record a drum kit.  The room is fully dead of reflections and great for vocals or anything requiring a dry signal.  

Microphones: Classic dynamics, sm57s, sm58s, Sm7 x1, Akg d112,  we can source more if need be. Condensors, 1 x Neumann TLM 103, AT4047SV, 2 x DPA 4090, 3x NT1. We can source more if need be.






Studio A

Studio A consists of a control room, live room and vocal booth. Gear avaliable in this space is described below;

Mixing Console:Our Mixing console is a 1982 Amek Angela Blue. Re Capped in 2006, the desk was imported and used for 4 years at Dudley Studios. Regularly maintained, this desk is regarded as one of Ameks best sounding consoles.






Conversion: Presonus 16 channel digital desk/converter 

Computer: quad core IMAC 27"

Software: ProTools 9

Monitoring: KRK Rockit 8 with KRK sub

Headphones: HEAR Hub 8 ch monitoring setup. Mix your own headphones whilst your recording

Piano: Marshell and Rose 1973 Grand Piano




Please call to organise a visit for a more detailed examination.
















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    439B Rotokauri Rd, R.D.9, Hamilton 3289, New Zealand